Friday, February 14, 2014

[for your one and only]

Forgot to buy a card for your true love? No problem. Here's a free printable one for ya. I paired mine with a 250g Ritter Sport chocolate bar.
(Just copy and paste the image onto the right side of a Microsoft Word document (make sure to use the landscape setting). Print and cut.)

ps. It doesn't have to be Valetine's Day to give cards like these. Sometimes it's even sweeter to receive them "Just Because".

Muchos amore amigos!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[rest of the 2013 monthly Project Life cards]

I didddittt! I fixed the blue tint problem for the photos I download. I can finally share September - December 2013 cards with you. I'm sorry if some of you gave up on these cards already. 
No more weird blue tint on my photos and I feel like I can share stuff again. I honestly feel like a technical genius today. It has taken me months to try to solve this problem and today I finally did it. 

To celebrate, here's an extra card for you: